Karen Abercrombie | Speaker & Storyteller


A dynamic and highly sought after keynote speaker, Karen Abercrombie brings her unique talents and experiences as an award-winning actress, award-winning storyteller, environmental activist, and award-winning film producer. Her goal is to teach, encourage, and inspire.


▸ Creation and the Environment…In the beginning God created…

“We have neglected to care for this extraordinary planet that we have been entrusted with by continuously polluting the land that we need to grow our food on, the waters we need to drink, and the air that we all need to breathe. As a result, we are now experiencing climate change. Temperatures are getting hotter, so glaciers are melting and water levels are rising and we are experiencing stronger and more frequent storms. Destruction is at hand, but we can do something about it before it is too late. And it is our responsibility to be good stewards of all that God has given us and that includes our planet.”
Karen Abercrombie

Through video, song and a powerful, powerful message, Karen teaches and encourages everyone to step up to the plate and become an active participant in the saving of our planet. She cites numerous ways…tools that we can all use to take action now within our families, churches, businesses, and communities that will help save our planet and leave a more healthy earth. Karen's teachings will ensure the survival of our children, grandchildren and all other living species.

▸ Women of the Bible

Using her masterful gifts and talents, Karen brings the different women from the bible to life in a powerful and exciting way, as she transports you back in time and allows you an intimate experience with each woman.

▸ One Enchanted Evening

Internationally renowned, master storyteller, Karen captivates her audiences as she re- tells multicultural tales and fables that she has collected from around the world. This offering is available as a seventy-five minute program for older audiences.


Karen can always tailor a message to fit your organizations specific needs!