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After almost forty years in the entertainment industry, I have found that the pinnacle of my success was not found at the box office or an award show, but found in living simply, naturally and well. This is the abundant life that I am prioritizing in this new season – a life quieted by simplicity, renewed in nature, and enriched through health, wellness and travel.
Living simply, naturally and well is a lifestyle that waters the seeds of my creativity. These seeds grow into the good, positive, life-changing projects, productions, and movies that I endeavor to create. Stories that are not only meant to entertain, educate and uplift viewers, but also make the world a better place for all people.
Living simply, naturally and well is a runway for me to soar into my best life! A lover of people, nature and travel, I will be traveling the world to see first-hand its awe-inspiring, natural beauty, while looking for opportunities to have authentic, immersive experiences with people from other cultures. I believe that we belong to each other and that there are so many valuable lessons that we can teach and learn from one another.
As I prepare to step into this new season of living simply, naturally and well, I am cleaning out closets, donating clothing and selling furniture and other items to declutter my surroundings and make more room for LIVING!

I will be documenting my travels and new adventures for all to see!

You can follow me on YouTube to witness my journey first-hand! Click on the LIVING Simply Naturally & Well link on this page and it will take you to my YouTube Channel where you will find my travel videos.

I hope that the content inspires YOU to step up and step out into LIVING Simply Naturally & Well.