Living Simply Naturally & Well by Karen Abercrombie


What is Living Simply Naturally and Well? It is a lifestyle. It is a forward and upward movement to enhance the quality of life and promote all around wellness.

I was overly busy and exhausted to the point where I wasn’t enjoying myself and the craft that I so deeply love. That's when I knew I had to make a change. I needed my heart to sing again.

I made a vow to God and to myself to be a good steward of my gifts, talents and time here on the planet. I promised to:

  • cut back on the busy
  • intentionally walk in love, kindness and gratitude every day
  • nurture deep relationships
  • do the things that make my heart sing 
  • reconnect with nature
  • make time for fun
  • eat healthy and exercise

I vowed to not just exist but to LIVE - Simply, Naturally, and Well. I began a journey to live life and life more abundantly across the board! YOU are welcome to join me.

I’ll be sharing stories that will inspire you, healthy and delicious recipes that will whet your palette and laughter that will strengthen your core and feed your soul. I will also be debuting my signature collection of all-natural, handmade soaps, skin moisturizers, organic teas and one minute encouraging and calming audio recordings.