Living Simply Naturally & Well by Karen Abercrombie

Please visit my YouTube Channel↗︎ where you can join me on this Living Simply, Naturally & Well journey. There I will be sharing my journey in real time. Along with stories and experiences that will challenge and inspire you, I will share healthy and delicious recipes and encouragement that will strengthen your core and feed your soul. I look forward to seeing you there. Love, peace and wellness to you all!


What is Living Simply Naturally and Well? It is a lifestyle. It is a journey. It is a forward and upward movement to enhance the quality of life and promote all around wellness.

I was overly busy and exhausted to the point where I wasn’t enjoying myself, my family or the craft that I so deeply love. I knew I had to make a change and I needed to make it NOW!  I needed my spirit to dance again and I needed my heart to sing again.

I made a vow to God and to myself to be a good steward of ALL that I have been given and that I would step up and step out to live my best life possible. I promised to:

  • cut back on the busy
  • live in the present
  • continuously deepen my faith walk
  • spend quality and quantity time with those I love and nurture these relationships
  • practice Self-Care
  • intentionally walk in love, kindness and gratitude every day
  • take care of and stay connected to nature
  • make eating healthy and exercising my norm
  • share what I have been given
  • share what I have learned

I vowed to not just exist, but to LIVE - Simply, Naturally, and Well. I am on a journey to live my best life possible. YOU are welcome to come along.